Thursday, August 11, 2011

HoN Hero Spotlight: Rhapsody - one of the new Int Heroes

According to S2, they will release two ranged heroes after releasing two melee heroes. Rhapsody is one of them.

For me, she's can be useful in mass casters plays because of her "spell vamp" aura. Her aoe is useful for pushing and defending lanes but her ulti kinda sucks. Her role is a support but needs survivability items for her to cast her ulti in a clash properly. Anyway, just enjoy the video. Can't wait for Garena HoN to release her. :)

Rhapsody excels at clustered team fights and both pushing and defense of team structures with her passive "spellvamp" aura and use of Disco Inferno. In order to take advantage of her early game strengths, it's advisable to max out her Staccato and Disco Inferno abilities to take advantage of the full stun duration and damage output. Rhapsody can be played effectively with little more than a blood chalice, but in order to maximize her mid- and late-game ultimate potential, it is advisable to get some survivability boosting items such as shrunken head or helm of the black legion. A Nome's wisdom is also a great pick up to further boost the effects of her passive aura.


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