Sunday, September 2, 2012

New Champion! Congratulations to Team IG for winning The International Dota 2 Championships

Invictus Gaming is the New Dota 2 Champion! Congrats and keep it up guys! Navi performed an amazing game. IG just patiently nibbled the throne from them.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Who will win The International Dota 2 Championships?

I'm currently watching the winners bracket. IG vs NAVI! I'm not sure how this will turn out. What is your bet?

Friday, August 31, 2012

How to make money in diablo 3

make money diablo 3

I think it's my first time to write about Diablo3.

To gamers who play HoN but don't know Diablo, you're missing a lot. I actually stopped playing Heroes of Newerth so that I'll have more time playing Diablo 3. Here's an excerpt from Wikipedia:

Diablo III is an action role-playing video game by Blizzard Entertainment, the third installment in the Diablo franchise. The game, which features elements of the hack and slash, and dungeon crawl genres, was released in North America, Latin America, Europe, South Korea, and Taiwan on May 15, 2012, and in Russia on June 7, 2012.[3] Before its release, the game broke several presale records and became the most pre-ordered PC game of all time on[7][8][9][10] Diablo III subsequently set the new all-time record for fastest-selling PC game by selling over 3.5 million copies in the first 24 hours of its release.

Just to let you guys know, my brother bought the game and we shared accounts. I had a hard time finishing the inferno level because of the prices of the weapons cost a fortune! Just imagine fighting the bosses and their minions. It's really hard. And I'm playing as a very squishy wizard!

Anyway, I want to thank this Chinese guy, he was able to help me harvest more gold and not only that, sell gold online. I know it sounds crazy but you can actually make a living by farming gold and selling it online in Diablo 3 just like in World of Warcraft.

Check out this page for more information.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Playing Mid Wars - the good, the bad, and..of course the evil

mid wars
Have you been hooked to this latest craze in Heroes of Newerth? If not, you're missing a lot. I've been playing mid wars for quite some time now and I just want to say that it's awesome. Why?

Here are some reasons:

New Features:

  • There are teleporters that allows players to travel to the action half the time using teleporting relics in Grim's Crossing.
  • Zorgath and Transmutanstein are the new bosses in this map. If you get these bosses, you will get amazing buffs - Token of sight and a double damage + invi!

The Good!

  • It's a risk free way to play Hon.
  • You will love the action.
  • No gold loss!
  • Fast Death timers!
  • You will be better in playing in clashes in the normal game.
The Bad and Evil!
  • Most players don't know the meta game.
  • The noobs who always die feed so much.
  • There are lots of imbalanced heroes for this game mode.


Anyway, despite of these

Some ticks and tricks!

  • Always try to get some AOE for early game.
  • Go for capacity to fight. But stat items for more mana/health early. Remember, you can go home fast anyway. It's much better than buying consumables.
  • If you're a carry, make sure you have massive damage.
That's all for now folks. Let me know what's your favorite hero!

What is your favorite background wallpaper in your desktop?

I just noticed that this blog is number one in Google when you search for the query 'hon wallpapers'. Well obviously, no really cares much about HoN now and the keyword is not that competitive. Haha! But it still feels great to see my blog in the number one spot! I haven't updated this blog for quite some time so it really surprised me.

Anyway, this post is just to ask everyone what is your favorite background wallpaper in your desktop? I prefer HD backgrounds with dark colors. What is yours?

Anyway, just to share a couple of sites, I find these site OK in terms of wall papers. Check them out:

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Be unconventional. Defeat noobs using Ring of Sorcery | Panda and Hammer Storm Discussion

What kind of Sorcery is this? LOL ARE YOU DAMN SERIOUS NOOB! WHAT A BUILD NOOB! - these are some of the reactions when I use this build.

Well to be honest, I'm no longer playing in a very competitive manner but I'm a bit challenged to raise my MMR. I started to play public games again without mates. It was fun. My new favorite item is Ring of Sorcery.

It's a noob build but it was effective when I played Panda and Hammer Storm. Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. Goodbye mana problems! The main problem with Panda and Hammer is that both of these heroes don't have much mana. Buying Ring of Sorcery eliminates that because it will greatly improve your mana pool. Hammer can now use his stun 2x-3x in a clash while panda can do most of his combos without fret. 
  2. More Experience for you! Because you can buy health potions in the secret shop and you have unlimited mana, you won't go to the fountain most of the time. You will gain more xp when you stay at the lane but just make sure that you have wards. :)
  3. Gank more. Unlimited mana means continuous ganking. If your team have three support heroes, you can supply them with mana and you can roam and kill anyone you can encounter.
  4. Farm more. You can stack creeps and use your spells on them without thinking that you won't have mana for stunning if you will gank later. You can also use your spells in creeps at the lanes for faster pushing.
  5. Ring of Sorcery vs Blood Chalice. Well, you may say that why go for the ring where you can save when you buy blood chalice. The answer gentle men is that chalice gets a portion of your life. The main objective here is to gain more xp while not being prone at being ganked. You will think twice to use chalice because it drains health for mana, therefore, you still won't spam your spells etc. A hammer or a Panda with half health early game would be normally around less than 800 health and can be killed by 2 heroes easily.
We can say that ring of sorcery is a luxury item to begin with. Since Hammer and Panda are both semi tanky heroes, you can't tank that early because your item is for your mana. But through teamwork, it can win you a public game.

Again, this is effective against noobs but not for pros unless you played it very well. What do you think? Let me know if you used this unconventional build for other heroes.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Kinesis joins Newerth - HoN Hero Spotlight

It's great to see new intelligence heroes being introduced. Kinesis has lots of AOE power. I'm excited to see the actual stats of this hero. He has a tournament potential!

I'm thinking that this hero would be so squishy but needs a lot of mana to become effective. Therefore you need to make a perfect balance between being tanky and having lots of mana.

Anyway, here's the basic hero spotlight! Enjoy!

The Prophet teaches that energy flows through all things, we must only harness it for ourselves. The mages invoke incantations, the priests call upon gods wicked and just, but for the truly powerful, the power is harnessed from within. These are the Disciples of the Way and among them there is one known for his mastery over all -- Kinesis. Let the Hellbourne beware the power of his mind.
 Kinesis relies heavily on the manipulation of the nearby units so that he may lift and launch smaller objects as projectiles. Being a ranged, intellect hero, his mind is a powerful asset, and also allows him to absorb much of the incoming damage by being offensive. Early game items such as Power Supply, Grave Locket, and a Bottle are great for keeping him powered up and buff with stats. Steamboots fit well, providing additional health, or a clutch swap to int for the bonus mana to launch one last assault. Nullstone is an extremely effective item, further boosting his defensive prowess and providing much-needed mana regeneration. As he fights with his mind, and not fists, most attack modifiers will pale in comparison to helpful gear like Frostfield Plate, or Kuldra's Sheepstick. Inherent defense works by providing a shield for all damage attempted, and not actually done, so Spellshards won't further increase his tanking capacity, nor reduce the cooldown on his Telekinetic Lift charges, but it still may prove a valuable tool for offensive damage. Stormspirit fits in nicely, adding another disable, high mana regeneration, and allowing Kinesis to set up properly. In the end, Kinesis may wish to build for stats, defense, and mana regeneration over attack damage. When fully geared up, Kinesis can become hard to kill while also being very powerful in attacking.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Draconis Lane Phase Annihilation

I was browsing in Youtube and I've seen this video about Draconis who did an Annihilation while in the laning phase. Well, this guy did a good job in doing it. But perhaps we don't know the MMR of everyone here. And maybe because not everyone is not yet used to the damage of his spells. The range of the 1st skill is also annoying.

Again this kind of thing happens once in a while. I personally hate people posting stuff like this in youtube without saying more details like what's the mmr level etc.
If I remember it correctly, (I'm playing in 1700 MMR), I was playing Flux against Draconis at Mid. I can't really own that reptile because his skills' damage is a pain. I'm not even sure how we won but yeah, I just continued farming at mid, controlled the rune and ganked when there's a chance.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Google Panda InfoGraphic

This infographic says it all. Just take a look at it and it's one of the best ways on how to explain the Panda update by Google. Thanks to for this infographic.
So as you can see, the bottom line now is all about quality links and relevancy.  Which is actually hard!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A better way to play Scout | Scout HoN Hero guide

Scout is one of the favorite Heroes of noobs in HoN. Why? Because it's one of those famous right click heroes. But the question is are you playing it right? Some would say scout is a heavy weight early game. It's true! But, before you say something else, I would like to point out some good points that you might want to understand.

Some reasons why scout is still useful early game?

  1. Early Wards / Free ward / Early Dewards - If you want to be useful in early game, pick your 2nd skill first - which is called Electric Eye. Choosing this at the start of the game would help your team mates gain map control and rune control. Some mid heroes would certainly own with the help of these runes. For example, Deadwood or Pebbles or Fayde would own mid if they have vision in the runes. (Actually most heroes would own mid if they have the rune.) It's that simple. In a way, you helped mid, and you also help the side lanes because they're not prone of being ganked early. You also helped your support heroes because in a sense they saved 200 gold because they didn't buy 2 of those wards. And lastly, you can deward the enemies ward because your electric eye can see those wards. In a way, if you're successful in dewarding you stole 100 from the enemies' support hero and gained 50 gold!
  2. Silence Kills - Most people ignore this but do you know that a level 4 Electric Eye has a 6 second silence? 6 Seconds is long enough to kill a squishy caster like Pyromancer, Witch Slayer, Myrmidon etc.
  3. Maximizing the use of Invisibility - Though you have a small burst damage at early levels, don't underestimate the power of invisibility. This can happen anywhere. Usually at early game, sometimes one normal attack is needed to kill someone. So fucking gank early!
Maybe you're beginning to get the point right? I'm playing a ganking scout early game. It's very useful. The skill build at early game would be:
  1. Electric Eye
  2. Vanish
  3. Vanish
  4. Electric Eye
  5. Vanish
  6. Marksman Shot
  7. Vanish
  8. Electric Eye
  9. Electric Eye
  10. Disarm
  11. Marksman Shot
  12. Disarm
  13. Disarm
  14. Disarm
  15. Stats
  16. Marksman Shot
  17. Stats
  18. Stats
  19. Stats
  20. Stats
  21. Stats
  22. Stats
  23. Stats
  24. Stats
  25. Stats
This skill build in my humble opinion is the most helpful build for a scout. Do you know what a scout does in real life? Do that and you will be successful. Roam and kill.

Early electric eye would be useful for warding the runes. Maxing Electric eye and Vanish would give you your early game burst damage. You can gank mid early if you're level 4. Abuse the use of silence. You get XP and assists which equates to gold. And since you're moving around, you're unpredictable. You're like a shadow. Eventually, since you've invested your early game at helping your team mates, you can farm by mid game. :)

Early items would be:
1 Hatchet, 1 Health Potion, 3 runes of blight

Hatchet is very good for farming. Notice that I'm just maximizing all the money for consumables. Why? I want to get as much xp as I can get as well as to farm as much as I can.

Suggested Items:
Many people asked me what's the best boots for scout?  There's no definite build for him but for me, Ghost marchers work most of the time. Early game, you gain +24 damage, not fantastic, but good enough. And it's nice coz you have a sudden movement burst + unit walking. Very ideal when you have more melee in your team.

If you're having fun in ganking, then try to get an early Sustainer  then transform it to Runed Cleaver if you want maximum damage. If there are too many single targeted powerful spells like the punch of Deadwood or the ultis of Pyromacer or Witchslayer, then get Null Stone. 

If there are simply too many disables, then don't get null stone. Get Shrunken head instead.

For damage items, it still depends. I personally love Shield breaker as my primary damage item. It can easily rip off support heroes that are really annoying. Strength heroes can also be weakened by this item.

Getting Brutalizer would be useful if the carry of the opposing team is a great hitter like MageBane/Madman. You got disarm + Bash, so you would totally win 1v1. Unless he has more powerful items.

Runed Cleaver + Geometer's Bane would be excellent for push towers. It's also useful to nullify some ultis like KOTF's Root or Bloodhunters Rupture.

Savage Mace for me is one of the best damage items that you can get. Mini stun + bonus damage + True strike. What can you ask for?

As for lifesteal, sometimes just ask your team mate to make an abyssal skull for you. If they don't have much cash, then go buy one. :)

Nullfire blade by the way is also nice especially if your team doesn't have much disable. But if you're rich enough then go buy a Sheepstick! :)

So that's about it. Happy playing! Hope this guide will help you to become a useful Scout. PM me if you have other suggestions for the play style. 

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