Saturday, May 23, 2009

the dilemma

Sometimes in life, we have to face big decisions. Decisions that could make or break relationships. Relationships that were nurtured for months and will be gone once you've made one single wrong move.

I'm just glad to tell everyone that this happened to me and I overcame it by using decision making tools I've learned from college. See!! Even the weirdest thing that you learned could be applied to our daily lives!! Which is a good thing :)

But anyway, I'm celebrating!! I just received some more blessings this month plus we have an upcoming party this June 5 on Subic. Yeah! Extended summer! Let's go out and swim 'til the sun goes down!!

P.S. And yeah, please don't forget to vote for me 5x a day, everyday 'til June 30. Cheers!


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