Friday, January 8, 2010

Defiler Bug - Heroes of Newerth

My brother discovered a bug in HoN! The bug can actually control Defiler's spirits in her ulti - Unholy Expulsion. You can do this by selecting your hero, then activate your ulti and then tab right click to a target unit/structure. Just make sure that the target is within range. IMBA!

This bug is quite nasty coz you can backdoor a tower without getting seen. e.g. You can destroy towers by just sitting with the trees and letting the spirits do the dirty work. And during clashes, you can easily eliminate other casters right away. e.g. Right click all your spirits to Witch Slayer. You can see his health going down fast. LOL

On the side note, in order to do this, you need to be good in micro management coz your hero will go near the targeted unit. If you plan to back door without getting seen, you could ask one of your team mates to body block you in a tree so that you won't go near the tower. In clashes, just don't forget to use your spells (especially grave silence).

But yeah. Sorry guys, you won't be able to abuse this bug coz it will be removed in the next version. I've posted a leaked changelog in Champion of Newerth.

I haven't played HoN yet this year since I'm busy with work. BOOO!


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