Monday, March 1, 2010

how I moved my blog from to blogger

I just want to share how I moved my blog to blogger. It's really sad coz there are a lot of cool features in wordpress that's not available in blogger like the cool addicting statistics, better looking dashboards, more professional looking templates and other widgets etc. Bottom line is that I can't put javascripts and adsense in so I've decided to go back to blogger.

Anyway, I find the migration easy. Here are the simple steps that I've done:

1. I've signed up another blog in blogger.
2. After that, I logged in to my blog. I downloaded the WordPress WXR export file under 'Tools' and then saved it in my computer.
3. At first I've tried importing the WXR file to blogger but it doesn't seem to work. Looks like they're not compatible. I did a little research and found this tool to convert them.
4. Once the file was converted, it's now ready to be imported in blogger. Under the 'Settings' tab, I clicked import blog and then imported the converted WXR file.
5. I published all of the posts that I had in wordpress. However, I had some issues with PR, backlinks and dup content. It seems that it will take a while to remove fallen paladin from Google's SERPS.


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