Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dota2 International Tournament Finals

With Mith-Trust,, M5, iG, and MYM eliminated, it only leaves EHOME, Scythe and Na`Vi in the finals round. Who will be the first DotA2 Champions?

As per the DotA2 blog says:

In the losers bracket MYM was eliminated by EHOME. MYM is sent home with $80,000 and EHOME advances to Sunday’s playoff against Scythe.SG – the same team that sent them down to the loser bracket with a resounding defeat on Friday.

Sunday will start with the best of three elimination series. The loser walks away with $150,000 and the winner will face Na`Vi in the championship match. In the final match the loser there earns a healthy $250,000 but it all pales in comparison to the ultimate champion and their $1,000,000 payday.

Can Scythe.SG turn it around after Saturday’s crushing defeat by Na`Vi and rise up against the two opponents that have beaten them at every meeting?

Can EHOME rise up out of the losers bracket and get revenge against Scythe.SG and then go on to defeat Na`Vi?

Or will the powerhouse of the tournament Na`Vi keep rolling over every opponent in its path?
Well, we will find out soon enough.


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