Friday, February 24, 2012

Draconis Lane Phase Annihilation

I was browsing in Youtube and I've seen this video about Draconis who did an Annihilation while in the laning phase. Well, this guy did a good job in doing it. But perhaps we don't know the MMR of everyone here. And maybe because not everyone is not yet used to the damage of his spells. The range of the 1st skill is also annoying.

Again this kind of thing happens once in a while. I personally hate people posting stuff like this in youtube without saying more details like what's the mmr level etc.
If I remember it correctly, (I'm playing in 1700 MMR), I was playing Flux against Draconis at Mid. I can't really own that reptile because his skills' damage is a pain. I'm not even sure how we won but yeah, I just continued farming at mid, controlled the rune and ganked when there's a chance.


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