Thursday, February 16, 2012

SEO Outsourcing and Careers in the Philippines

I decided to revive this old blog of mine just to test my SEO skills. This blog was supposed to help noobs in Heroes of Newerth but then, HoN decided to integrate tutorials in the game so I guess this site isn't much of use for gamers like me. But yes enough of the rant.

 I was browsing through Craigslist and Jobstreet yesterday. To my surprise, there are a lot of SEO postings everywhere! The company I've been working for started in 2008 and I guess there were only a few back offices in the Philippines who do real SEO. Now, I guess there's a lot of companies doing it. It sounds great!

I've read a few articles way back when Google Panda was released and most of them says that SEO will be dead. At first I was scared because I thought I would eventually lose my job. But apparently, based from what I've observed, a lot more companies are needing SEO help and would like to join the battle in the online arena.

The Philippines is indeed one of the best locations to outsource SEO services. There may be a lot of reasons why companies want their back offices here. First and foremost, the operating costs here are much lower - office space, electricity, internet, man power etc. Second would be language. Most of us Filipinos have English as our second language and we're very adaptive in accents. This is the same reason why the call center industry flourished in our country. Lastly, we Filipinos are very industrious and reliable. Once we set a target, we'll never miss it.

 I'm just happy that SEO has grown for the last few years and I'm looking forward to see more and more online action soon. To all Filipinos doing SEO, cheers to all of you! :)


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