Wednesday, March 4, 2009

fill up VS fill out

I'm not really good in composition. I can recall my college days to be very bloody hell. Writing essays and papers are my weakness. Creating coherent paragraphs can also be considered one bit of a problem for me...etc etc etc However, I survived!

When I began working, I realised that one of the most important subjects taught in High School and even in College is English. Why English? Because we use everyday and everywhere!! Dang!!! I also noticed that most of the job posts nowadays require solid oral and written communication skills. T_T ooohh!!

A few moments ago, I learned something very nice! I was writing this email for my colleagues about our new system about filling forms. I was stumped when I was writing this sentence:

Kindly fill ___ the form (if you don't have the Paypal address yet,just leave it blank) and then click submit.

I really don't care much about flowery words or my sentence structure as long as my sentence is grammatically correct. My options were "up" and "out". I can't decide. I usually hear people saying "fill up" but I can still recall some people saying "fill out". After several minutes, I decided to ask Mr. Google. :D And yes! The right answer is "fill out".

I was writing this because it's sort of funny if I've sent the email to a lot of people with a faulty grammar. Not to mention that most of my colleagues are copywriters and journalists... It would be very shameful and degrading if I ended up sending it. Good thing almost everything can be asked to Google. Thank you very much! :p


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