Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Traxex painting

Kunkka is really awesome. I just saw this painting in deviant art and I think it's worth sharing. He's doing single portraits for dota heroes now...I wish he could make one for Alleria too. :)

If you don't know kunkka, he's the one doing the loadscreens for dota. Maybe icefrog used his name for admiral proudmoore to say thanks for all the hard work. Just a bit of FYI, the load screen in the current version was created using photoshop with 80 hours of painting spread out in 3 months. Imagine how long it would take to create such vibrant painting.

Anyway, if you wanna know more about this artist you can check out his profile here.


aowsteal said...

yes traxex is awesome... i like use this hero...

baronmorte said...

yeah.pretty cool huh?

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