Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fun DotA/Warcraft Quizes in Facebook

The summer's heat is driving me crazy. I can't take a doze or concentrate reading one of those ebook for dummies. And SO!! I decided to log-in to my Facebook account and take one of those funky quizzes.I'm surprised to see how DotA became famous nowadays. Some of the fans even made these fun quizes in Facebook (though they have a few grammatical errors, it's fun anyway). I just want to share my results:

What is your Warcraft 3 Hero?

My result: The DeathKnight

You think your the man. The Boss. God of the Universe. Your Cocky as hell and you don't give a damn about it. Your the smartest, bravest, sexiest, coolest, and best in every way. You don't give a DAMN about other people, its all about you cause your God.

My Comment:I'm amazed with my result! As you can see in my subdomain name: (fallenpaladin) that's me! Many people were asking why my alias is BaronMorte. This alias is actually a name of a Death Knight in Warcraft 3. His story is somewhat similar to what I've experienced in true life so I decided to adopt the name. For the people who don't know the story of how Arthas turned to a Death Knight, you can read the story in WoW: Wrath of the Lich King.

What is your Dota Hero?
My result: Yurnero

Seeks Perfection, Yurnero is very adept at finding thing, and a GODLY FINISHER in DotA. If you are people who seek perfection and have high curiosity, then Yurnero is suit you.

My Comment:

Hell yeah! I love Yurnero! One of my favorite heroes in DotA. Why? Because he is strong early game to late game. He can gank and be an imba farmer. I bet he can be picked in a pressure line up because he can farm deep past the second tower. :D How to do this? Blade Fury+Town Portal is the way!


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