Monday, August 22, 2011

Dota2 International Tournament Championship Replays | Best of 5 between EHOME and Na'Vi

Hey guys, here's the compilation of the replays in the championship matches. The championship is a best of 5 but there are only 3 replays here. Why? Well, the first game was not played because Na'Vi has one point advantage. And for the rest, just watch the replays and you will know why. :p

Anyway, I've watched all the replays and they're all fantastic! I love the way how Na'Vi chose their bans and picks and the way their support heroes help their carry.

Game 2:
Here, EHOME won a big victory. Doom + Tree sprout + venomancer's ulti = insta kill
Game 3: We'll Na'Vi kinda answered back.
Game 4: It's over. Na'Vi secured the crown.
So that is it. Let's all continue playing to be more competitive and be like them. I still wish Mineski could have won in the losers bracket though.


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