Monday, December 14, 2009

Champion of Newerth

Since I've just realized that I'm into HoN, I decided to launch a new blog - Champion of Newerth. This blog will be dedicated to all HoN hero guides, strategy, item builds, clan wars and other useful information that I can scour over the internet. I will start writing guides next year since I'm sort of busy with work at the moment and Christmas season is almost there at our doorstep so I might do a little shopping as well.

So yeah, I'll be working on that blog next year and I still hope to see you guys online at HoN. :)


manteli said...

Hi dude! ;p If you have any beta keys left, could you send one for me? :D Got friends already playing it :S

baronmorte said...

don't worry, i'll try to find you one

aschtom97 said...

um sir i think im the only person from my famly memebers who do not have a hon beta key i would be glad if you give me one pls ^^

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