Monday, December 21, 2009

HoN players should never 'farm' their psr

I'm doing a daily routine today - reading other people's blogs/sites. This post caught my attention.

When I first started playing HoN, I was really excited because of the new interface, stat tracking and ladder rankings. The automated reports seemed complete and accurate. Furthermore, there's this so called cheat and leaver protection so I assumed players with 1600 psr would be good enough, but NO.

I was actually surprised that playing in psr 1600-1680 was hell. Every time I play without any buddies around, I can feel that we're like losing within the first 15 minutes. Everyone wants to farm and play as a 'carry'.

In pro level dota,skilled players assume that everyone knows what to do. Your team lead might be briefing you of what's the basic strategy but implementing and carrying out the strat will only work if everyone knew their respective roles. In HoN, the same rule of the thumb applies. If you're a 'high' psr player, you're expected to do the 'right' moves. e.g. If you're Magmus (Sandking), you're expected to be a pro stunner. Once you've seen a chance of a nice stun, you'll do it right away without other people pinging you or shouting at you. You're expected to roam around and kill.

Playing with newbies is actually OK if it's for fun. You can technically farm good stats coz you can just kill them all and win the game. But the thing is you'll never learn more. There's no challenge. There's nothing to gain by owning scrubs. The big point is playing with a noob high psr player totally ruins the game.

Back in the days of Garena, there were lots of cheat exploits because most of the people won't update their Warcraft version. In HoN, if you want to manually farm your psr, it would need more resources. e.g. spare beta keys and a high powered machine that can open two HoN clients. Here's an excerpt in that explains how to do it:
We have discovered it is possible to increase your Heroes of Newerth account statistics such as KDA ratio and PSR using multiple accounts. If you have spare beta keys you can create new accounts to use on the HoN servers; you can also run multiple instances of HoN. Therefore, make a private game with your main account and use a subsidiary account in a second instance to join the game and go on the other team. Then start feeding kills to your main account – we have managed to farm about 200 kills in 30 minutes using soulstealer against madman, thinking about what items to buy, what spots on the map to use etc. Sure enough, the unanswered kills get added to your account and your KDA improves.

Although less effective, you can also farm PSR. You need to have many subsidiary accounts and as many instances (or many friends with second accounts) running – and make a team on the enemy of 4 or 5 accounts, against your 1. This will ensure you gain a lot of PSR from the game. You then win the game and your PSR will increase. You can only do this a few times as when your PSR gets too high, it will stop letting you gain any because of the mathematic algorithm involved. Even if you make more and more fresh accounts, a team of 4 1500 players against your 1 will still not let you gain a lot of PSR at all later on.

Personally, I would say it's not worth your time to do this. Play a normal game and get genuine experience. I don't care about my stats. My PSR is almost 1.7k. My kill/death ratio is like 1.1 coz I play ‘carry’ and support. The point is everyone has a role to play. Usually if you play support, there's a higher chance that you'll die in every clash. Not everyone can be the 'star' in the game. Unless the casters totally owned early game.

I guess that's about it. I just don't want to see high psr noobs playing with pros coz it ruins the game so much.


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