Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Be unconventional. Defeat noobs using Ring of Sorcery | Panda and Hammer Storm Discussion

What kind of Sorcery is this? LOL ARE YOU DAMN SERIOUS NOOB! WHAT A BUILD NOOB! - these are some of the reactions when I use this build.

Well to be honest, I'm no longer playing in a very competitive manner but I'm a bit challenged to raise my MMR. I started to play public games again without mates. It was fun. My new favorite item is Ring of Sorcery.

It's a noob build but it was effective when I played Panda and Hammer Storm. Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. Goodbye mana problems! The main problem with Panda and Hammer is that both of these heroes don't have much mana. Buying Ring of Sorcery eliminates that because it will greatly improve your mana pool. Hammer can now use his stun 2x-3x in a clash while panda can do most of his combos without fret. 
  2. More Experience for you! Because you can buy health potions in the secret shop and you have unlimited mana, you won't go to the fountain most of the time. You will gain more xp when you stay at the lane but just make sure that you have wards. :)
  3. Gank more. Unlimited mana means continuous ganking. If your team have three support heroes, you can supply them with mana and you can roam and kill anyone you can encounter.
  4. Farm more. You can stack creeps and use your spells on them without thinking that you won't have mana for stunning if you will gank later. You can also use your spells in creeps at the lanes for faster pushing.
  5. Ring of Sorcery vs Blood Chalice. Well, you may say that why go for the ring where you can save when you buy blood chalice. The answer gentle men is that chalice gets a portion of your life. The main objective here is to gain more xp while not being prone at being ganked. You will think twice to use chalice because it drains health for mana, therefore, you still won't spam your spells etc. A hammer or a Panda with half health early game would be normally around less than 800 health and can be killed by 2 heroes easily.
We can say that ring of sorcery is a luxury item to begin with. Since Hammer and Panda are both semi tanky heroes, you can't tank that early because your item is for your mana. But through teamwork, it can win you a public game.

Again, this is effective against noobs but not for pros unless you played it very well. What do you think? Let me know if you used this unconventional build for other heroes.



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