Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A better way to play Scout | Scout HoN Hero guide

Scout is one of the favorite Heroes of noobs in HoN. Why? Because it's one of those famous right click heroes. But the question is are you playing it right? Some would say scout is a heavy weight early game. It's true! But, before you say something else, I would like to point out some good points that you might want to understand.

Some reasons why scout is still useful early game?

  1. Early Wards / Free ward / Early Dewards - If you want to be useful in early game, pick your 2nd skill first - which is called Electric Eye. Choosing this at the start of the game would help your team mates gain map control and rune control. Some mid heroes would certainly own with the help of these runes. For example, Deadwood or Pebbles or Fayde would own mid if they have vision in the runes. (Actually most heroes would own mid if they have the rune.) It's that simple. In a way, you helped mid, and you also help the side lanes because they're not prone of being ganked early. You also helped your support heroes because in a sense they saved 200 gold because they didn't buy 2 of those wards. And lastly, you can deward the enemies ward because your electric eye can see those wards. In a way, if you're successful in dewarding you stole 100 from the enemies' support hero and gained 50 gold!
  2. Silence Kills - Most people ignore this but do you know that a level 4 Electric Eye has a 6 second silence? 6 Seconds is long enough to kill a squishy caster like Pyromancer, Witch Slayer, Myrmidon etc.
  3. Maximizing the use of Invisibility - Though you have a small burst damage at early levels, don't underestimate the power of invisibility. This can happen anywhere. Usually at early game, sometimes one normal attack is needed to kill someone. So fucking gank early!
Maybe you're beginning to get the point right? I'm playing a ganking scout early game. It's very useful. The skill build at early game would be:
  1. Electric Eye
  2. Vanish
  3. Vanish
  4. Electric Eye
  5. Vanish
  6. Marksman Shot
  7. Vanish
  8. Electric Eye
  9. Electric Eye
  10. Disarm
  11. Marksman Shot
  12. Disarm
  13. Disarm
  14. Disarm
  15. Stats
  16. Marksman Shot
  17. Stats
  18. Stats
  19. Stats
  20. Stats
  21. Stats
  22. Stats
  23. Stats
  24. Stats
  25. Stats
This skill build in my humble opinion is the most helpful build for a scout. Do you know what a scout does in real life? Do that and you will be successful. Roam and kill.

Early electric eye would be useful for warding the runes. Maxing Electric eye and Vanish would give you your early game burst damage. You can gank mid early if you're level 4. Abuse the use of silence. You get XP and assists which equates to gold. And since you're moving around, you're unpredictable. You're like a shadow. Eventually, since you've invested your early game at helping your team mates, you can farm by mid game. :)

Early items would be:
1 Hatchet, 1 Health Potion, 3 runes of blight

Hatchet is very good for farming. Notice that I'm just maximizing all the money for consumables. Why? I want to get as much xp as I can get as well as to farm as much as I can.

Suggested Items:
Many people asked me what's the best boots for scout?  There's no definite build for him but for me, Ghost marchers work most of the time. Early game, you gain +24 damage, not fantastic, but good enough. And it's nice coz you have a sudden movement burst + unit walking. Very ideal when you have more melee in your team.

If you're having fun in ganking, then try to get an early Sustainer  then transform it to Runed Cleaver if you want maximum damage. If there are too many single targeted powerful spells like the punch of Deadwood or the ultis of Pyromacer or Witchslayer, then get Null Stone. 

If there are simply too many disables, then don't get null stone. Get Shrunken head instead.

For damage items, it still depends. I personally love Shield breaker as my primary damage item. It can easily rip off support heroes that are really annoying. Strength heroes can also be weakened by this item.

Getting Brutalizer would be useful if the carry of the opposing team is a great hitter like MageBane/Madman. You got disarm + Bash, so you would totally win 1v1. Unless he has more powerful items.

Runed Cleaver + Geometer's Bane would be excellent for push towers. It's also useful to nullify some ultis like KOTF's Root or Bloodhunters Rupture.

Savage Mace for me is one of the best damage items that you can get. Mini stun + bonus damage + True strike. What can you ask for?

As for lifesteal, sometimes just ask your team mate to make an abyssal skull for you. If they don't have much cash, then go buy one. :)

Nullfire blade by the way is also nice especially if your team doesn't have much disable. But if you're rich enough then go buy a Sheepstick! :)

So that's about it. Happy playing! Hope this guide will help you to become a useful Scout. PM me if you have other suggestions for the play style. 


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