Monday, February 22, 2010

hon - the real dota killer

This weekend, after jogging in UP Diliman with my girlfriend, I finally had the chance to play again in BlueSkies. To my surprise, most of the good DotA players have completely switched to HoN. At first I was reluctant to ask them why coz we were the ones who were initially excited about the launch of HoN and these guys were the ones who were saying that HoN won't be that successful so they'll stick with DotA. Now they ate their own words.

I asked the main reason why they switched. They said that HoN is the new "DotA". Since HoN is better and it's an online game, there are more tournaments and it's more accessible to 'good' but busy players because they can simply go online and play at home rather than going to a LAN shop. They also told me that they were surprised that there were actually good players in the 'Asian' servers - Malaysians, Singaporeans, Thai and Indonesians. They also get to know new picks, plays and strategies.

I always play in the lowest ping rooms so normally I get to play with Filipinos. The bad thing is that some players still adopt the GG client style - which is quite noobish and childish in a way. Like they will trash talk you before the game starts. Then if the game is not working as it is for them, they will either disconnect or just ruin the game by feeding the enemies. Well, maybe they're doing it because they simply know that the stats will be reset anyway once the game was officially launched. And it sucks coz this happened in a 1650 psr level game. :(

I also visited a couple of shops in the South (Paranaque and Las Pinas) and in the Miniski grounds (Pasay). It seems that almost half of the players are already switching to HoN. I would assume this is also happening to other big shops who prefer competitive gaming.

So yeah! Clearly, HoN is becoming more and more famous. Their game play improvements and engine advantages shoved DotA on the side. HoN has become indeed the real DotA killer.


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