Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Increase your KDR with Pebbles!

Many people were asking me how I got my kdr so high. This was the time when Deadwood was not around yet. SO!!! It was really hard to farm for your kdr. It's either sell your team mates early game and play a farmer/carry OR play like a ganker.

I would prefer to play as a ganker because there's more advantage if you will be offensive.

1. Your carry can farm.
2. More map control.
3. More map control means more gold for everyone.
4. More gold for everyone means more items which could lead to victory!

I won't be discussing much about this hero. This is not a hero guide but a bird's eye view on suggestions on how to play a very aggressive Pebbles to dominate Newerth.

Anyway, here are a few notable problems with pebbles:
1. Low armor at early levels.
2. Mana problems at early levels.

To compensate these problems, I would buy the following items if I will lane on the side:

Iron buckler

Iron Buckler

Mark of the Novice

Mark of the Novice

Health Potion
Health Potion

Runes of Blight

Runes of Blight

If I will go mid, I will just buy a Bottle and of course request someone to buy wards for me Bottle...

By the way, I love the Blood Chalice + Bottle combo. It forces you to rune control and ward so you don't have to go home to regen. Not going home means more experience and level.

Most of the newbies should understand that Pebbles is a strength hero but has a nuker role. He can either be an initiator or a combo breaker depending on the situation. So obviously, Portal Key is very crucial. A pebbles without a PK is very useless. You can't accomplish your role without this item.

Steamboots vs Phase boots vs Striders

Well all boots have pros and cons. I love steamboots because you can punch the hero around 2x while you're doing your combo..+ you have extra damage and life. Phaseboots on the other hand makes you a better ganker early game. You can chuck people around even without pk because of the sudden movement boost.. Striders, well it's only enjoyable at early game. You can control the map better but by mid game, you will sometimes die because you just can't get out of the clash.

There are two core builds for him:

1. Pure Caster
Buy codex + Spell shards..This is very effective for squishy carries like Scout.
2. Tanky Caster
Buy  Demonic Breastplate and Behemoth's heart.

Other alternatives:

 Frostfield Plate - Amor + slow
Kuldra's Sheepstick - extra disable
Void Talisman - anti hitter

There you go! Go kill more heroes to gain a higher KDR!


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