Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Dota2 Leaked Photos/Screenshots

To be honest, I'm still intrigued by the leaked photos but I think there will be fans in HoN and LoL who will remain loyal. Looking at the graphics, it's almost the same level as HoN.

Is that the new 'Kongor'?

Secret Shop
Vengeful Spirit

Hero List

I saw this .GIF image in one of the forums. Well, I think this won't be happening too soon. 
whoever did this is surely a hater :p

Let's take a look at the positive side of three big innovated companies who developed DotA based games. 

This means:
  • More tournaments
  • More players
  • More fun
So I guess, let's just wait for it to be released. See how the gaming community would respond.

HUGE UPDATE: I was watching Chu's Channel and saw that he's actually an observer in a live DotA 2 Match. If  you're reading this post right now, come and watch with me!

Watch live video from chustream on


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