Sunday, January 17, 2010

dota version 6.66 released - major imba rework on DoomBringer

It has been a while since my last post about dota. Maybe some of you think that I've totally forgotten about it but no. I'm still playing a couple of games every weekend and then the rest HoN!!! LOL Actually I just played yesterday with some of my LAN buddies. :D

I was not surprised that Icefrog did a major work in Doombringer. He's rebalanced and reworked. His new skills were kinda imba. It's just right coz DoomBringer won't be considered a threat unless he has his ulti.

Per changelog:

Old Devour:
Creeps: Up to level 1/2/4/6
Bonus Gold: 10/20/30/40
cd: 30/25/20/15
manacost: 50/45/40/35

New Devour:
Creeps: Up to level 2/4/5/6
Bonus Gold: 40/60/80/100
cd: 60/55/50/45
manacost: 60

Gains the abilities of the target neutral creep has until you devour another creep with abilities to replace it

Old Scorched Earth:
Large aoe castable.

MS Bonus: 10/15/20/30%
AS Bonus: 10/15/20/30%
Deals: 1/2/3/4 dps
Heals: 1/2/3/4 dps

Duration: 20
CD: 10
Manacost: 60
Cast Range: 800
AOE: 700

New Scorched Earth:
Temporary effect around you. Earth is scorched wherever you are walking.

MS Bonus: 20%
Damage: 15/20/25/30
Heals: 15/20/25/30

Duration: 8/10/12/14
Cooldown: 60/50/40/30
Manacost: 60
AOE: 600

Old Doom:
-Duration: 12/14/16
-DPS: 40/60/80
-Cooldown: 160/130/100

-Duration: 14/16/18
-DPS: 50/70/90
-Cooldown: 90/80/70

New Doom:
-Duration: 14
-DPS: 30/50/70
-Cooldown: 110

-Duration: 14
-DPS: 50/80/110
-Cooldown: 110

My thoughts:

Like I've said, the new DoomBringer is kinda imba. Why did I say that? Here are my reasons:

Gaining extra abilities is imba. Devour now is very unbalanced. Just imagine, gaining extra abilities by just devouring a creep. For example in laning, you can devour an Alpa wolf for extra damage. If you want a clash winner, you can get a Kobold beast for endurance aura. If you're a heavy hitter, you can get a banshee! Imagine a free 6k worth item by just eating a creep. Imba isn't it?

He is a threat even without his ulti. With his rework, doom can now kill even without his ulti. He can get a good ability like purge, stomp or clap then just attack you until you die. Why? because doom can get items faster than anyone else in the game. Even if you have a strong lineup of heroes, you can't stop doombringer from farming items. A cheap item like Vanguard can be farmed in less than 10 mins. What will you do with a fat strength hero + block in early game?

More dynamic play style. Because of the rework, doom can now play support and carry. He's still a good farmer. Gold wise, devour was nerfed but his second skill makes him almost impossible to kill. If you can't kill the enemy, that means more money and more items for him. Even with 2 stunners around is not enough, Doom can simply outrun them. Moreover, Doom can constantly pressure lanes with enough wards. Doom can dominate the lane where you are in and outfarm enemies. Doom can be a very good hitter now because of extra abilities.

My mini guide to the new Doom:

I'll share with you my mini guide in the reworked Doom. Some of you guys might not agree with me, but this build worked for 5 games straight so just read on and try it. :D

~at the start of the game, get a Hatchet, a courier and 1 tango. Farm until you get your crow and bottle then start spamming your spells like crazy.

~i usually get devour, scorched earth, devour, lvl death?, doom, lvl death and so on...depending on lvl of most enemies

~get boots early as possible so you can kill right away

~you may opt to get cheezy items right away like dagon. You may also try the sneaky doom! use lothars. Or the usual build, Radiance + protective items (vanguard/heart of tarasque)

I just tried this yesterday. Early treads + Vanguard + pointbooster (for aghanim) is also good. If you can tank early game, you can have a good clash. :)


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