Monday, January 11, 2010

What is IMBA?

DotA players use the word 'IMBA' most of the time whenever they play dota. Some players even use it in everyday conversations with their family and friends. The thing is that not everyone understands the word. I can still remember a conversation with my mom and she's like saying "Why are you using that word? It's not even a word. Is that what you learn in school?" And I'm like "Blaaah! Nevermind.." After that, I seldom use the word especially whenever I'm talking to non-gamers. It saves time and effort. :)

But anyway, this post is obviously for non-gamers who don't know the meaning/definition of the word imba. :)

On a side note, I checked on the artist of the graphic and found out that she's from U.P. Diliman and works as a part time flight attendant. It's amazing coz it seems that her boyfriend influenced her to play dota. [If you can't beat them, join em!] Her blog somehow inspired me to create a tumblr account myself so I can share my own graphics and funny stuffs that I could find. I'll also try to find a way on how to integrate my tmblr with facebook. Para makulit lang. hehehe


Anonymous said...

(1) She's from U.P. Diliman - True

(2) and works as a part time flight attendant. - False
- - - - - Oh my, I'm trying to remember if I did put that on my "about me" section. Hahahahaha~ As far as I know, there's no part-time for the position of being a flight attendant and, I'm too small to be one.

(3) It's amazing coz it seems that her boyfriend influenced her to play dota - False
- - - - - All of my exes and current boyfriend, I already know how to play DOTA even before I met them. It was a friend from college who taught me how to.

Sorry hahaha I can't help myself. I just found out about this through my Google Analytics. :))

baronmorte said...

wew..looks like I posted some imba wrong thanks for stopping by :)

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