Friday, August 19, 2011

Watch Dota 2 International Tournament replay - EHOME vs Mineski.Infinity

Just another match in the tournament. Mineski should really improve their game and adopt to the international gameplay.

My thoughts on this match:

Good picks from both teams.

Nice start for EHOME. Bloodlust on mid and then killed Sandking at bottom.

Bad choice from Mineski to just pressure top and let the other lanes be ganked. Every time Mineski is trying to gank, it's almost a failure.

We can really see a huge difference in the experience and how they utilize their picks. I guess Mineski is just trying to farm and evade clashes but EHOME has just too much experience in ganking and making the most of Keeper's teleport and Raijin's ulti. EHOME has just too much map control.

The score ended with a 44-11 score. This only shows how much difference there is between the teams. Mineski should do more LAN sessions or some scrims with other people in SEA or if possible in EU.


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