Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Team TrollCasting giving away Legacy Keys

Damn! I was 30 seconds late and everything was used up! This is how people are crazy about getting those Legacy Accounts!

Team TrollCasting has been very generous in giving away free Heroes of Newerth Legacy Keys! They said they're doing it to reciprocate the support that we're giving them in their Facebook page. And I quote:

"Remember guys.. every 50 likes we will give away a bonus 20 keys.. so 3200, 3250 and 3300 likes.. GET US THERE!!!"
This is what they said. So I guess we just have to wait for the next release. Here's what their Facebook Page looks like a few minutes a go:

And to those who were wondering what's the importance of getting a Legacy account, well, the first thing that goes to my head is that you got access to all of the old heroes and that's about it!

So there. If you're tired of using the heroes that were 'free' to use in the game, then go and like Team Trollcasting's Facebook page and wait for them to release another set of keys.



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