Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Countering the Crystal Maiden Strategy (unfinished again..)

I was amused by the massive use of Crystal Maiden nowadays. The use of the Maiden strategy in DotA started when her aura was buffed and became a global aura. (I'm not sure what version that was though) And now, she's used for special strategies and can be usually seen as first pick in both in local and international tournaments.

1st pick Crystal Maiden I guess is an "open" strategy. In my opinion, almost any hero can be synergized with CM. The main goal of picking CM is to dominate the lanes by spamming spells. This strategy is strong but somewhat effective to a certain level only because there are some ways to counter the maiden strategy.

Mass Casters

Even if let's say the enemy has free mana regen, using mass casters can still dominate the lanes. Something like Lion+Leshrac, Sandking+Lina..etc..OR maybe some heroes with cheesy combos that can kill in one blow. Casters with early double spells can still kill a strength hero with just one or two spells. You may also opt use Ezalor to counter the spam by also spamming :D spam wars!!

Early Push

Since, the core strategy of the maiden strategy is to dominate the lanes and get an early kick start for items, their hero choice isn't that good clash wise. Mostlikely their strat is a double or triple press. This play style is done so they can over farm and play defensively. However, there's still luck in forcing them to clash if your heroes can win the clash and push early as well.


Heroes that can't be seen in the map of course can't be spammed with spells. A jungling Enigma, Axe or Beast Master would somehow reduce the loses in lanes. But of course, this can be countered as well by observer wards and constant movement of gankers.

I'm pretty sure you can also think of other ways but these are the things that just popped to my mind while I was writing this post. Strategy has become a major issue nowadays and one post cannot really discuss a very lengthy detailed strategy on how to counter one strategy. But then again, team play, proper execution, communication and sticking to the play will always be the key to win. Cheers! :D


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