Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Most Wanted Photoshop Tutorials, Brushes, .PSDs and Resources

I usually rely on tutorials over the net to create something pleasing to the eyes. For months, I've been trying to find my "inspiration" to create something new on Photoshop but no idea comes in. Guess, it all boils down again to laziness!

But but but! I have no excuse now, for I have seen a couple of good things to play around. I saw this bookmarked page in delicious and it was delicious indeed to the eyes of an artist. The author did a lot of bookmarking in the web to gather the most wanted Photoshop tutorials and resources. You can find lots of useful stuff like vectors, amazing effects,useful patterns, brushes and a lot more. The author even sorted all these things into:

  1. Photoshop Textures

  2. Photoshop Patterns

  3. Photoshop Tutorials

  4. Photoshop Brushes

  5. Photoshop Actions

  6. Photoshop Downloadable .PSD Files

  7. Photoshop Cheat Sheets
Sweet! Here's the URL and enjoy! :)


Dion Rodrigues said...

Awesome links!! I also do Photoshop video tutorials that are really in depth, everyone should check them out :)

baronmorte said...

I'll check out your videos later. Nice designs! :)

PhotoshopThis said...

Nice designs, check out the tutorials on this blog

baronmorte said...

hey nice tuts..i'll follow a couple of your tuts for some designs that i need for my friend's christmas card :D

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