Friday, December 11, 2009

Selling of Heroes of Newerth Beta Keys

Heroes of Newerth or simply 'HoN' is a dota based game developed by S2 games. It's basically a mirror image of dota with better graphics and engine. I started to love this game generally because of the graphics and all other add-ons that Warcraft cannot provide. e.g. in-depth tracking of individual statistics, matchmaking, and in-game VOIP.

However, I just noticed that some people were actually selling FREE HoN beta keys. They were supposed to be free but they are selling it. It just sucks to know that some people tend to see this is a business opportunity and abuse the interest of other people. I got my free beta account early coz I was updated on the game's development. But what about other people? What about hard core dota players who were so hooked up on playing DotA and didn't realize right away that they will fall in love with the HoN once they get to see it. Or maybe busy casual gamers who were literally busy with work or their respective businesses and would just drop by a LAN shop once a week.

Call me rude or bastard, but guys please give the gamers what they deserve. Selling Beta keys is a cheap way of earning money. Beta keys were given out by S2 games so that their developers could enhance and balance the game. Once again, please don't sell what is supposed to be free.


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