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farm your psr using Chronos! - a chronos mini hero guide

My friend is borrowing my account in HoN. When I played last weekend, I was surprised to see that my psr went down from 1700++ to 1679. Moreover, my K/D ratio became 1:1. Pretty low. So yeah. I think it's safe to assume he had a hard time playing in the 1700 level considering he's still a beginner. :)

I really want to join 1700 level games so I've come up with a way to uplift/'farm' my psr using Chronos. Why Chronos? Because he's an IMBA hero. Because of his major rework, he's pretty strong early game and pretty much more powerful in end game. His ulti is more useful now and could turn the tide in an instant.

Since I've been playing Chronos in about ten straight games, I've played around with the items and came up with a mini guide. I wanna share it with you guys. Let me know what you think. :p


The greatest inventors of the Human Legion dreamed of making an army of machine warriors to spare humans the bloody cost of war. Only one was ever created, for no one could ever find a way to quicken him. When the Hellbourne fed a stolen soul into its mechanical shell, they brought the Chronos to life and gained the benefit of this artificial monster's mastery over time itself.

Attack Type=Melee
Attack Damage=58-65
Attack Range=128



Strength per level=1.4
Agility per level=2.65
Intelligence per level=1.5

Time Leap

Chronos teleports himself through space and time to a target location. Any nearby enemies are damaged and slowed.

Level 1 : Range 700,50 Magic damage on impact, 10% Movement slow for 3 seconds
Level 2 : Range 900,100 Magic damage on impact, 20% Movement slow for 3 seconds
Level 3 : Range 1100,150 Magic damage on impact,30% Movement slow for 3 seconds
Level 4 : Range 1300,200 Magic damage on impact, 40% Movement slow for 3 seconds
Mana cost 120
Cooldown 13 seconds


Chronos steps back through time when damaged, chance to heal back the damage at a rate of up to 25% of his maximum health per second.
Level 1 : 10% chance to avoid incoming damage
Level 2 : 15% chance to avoid incoming damage
Level 3 : 20% chance to avoid incoming damage
Level 4 : 25% chance to avoid incoming damage
Mana cost n/a

Curse of Ages

Steals 1/2/3/4 Agility per hit, debuff lasts 10 seconds. Each debuff is individually timed
* Four consecutive hits on the same target will lock that target in time (stun) for 1 second
* While someone is stunned by Curse of Ages, Chronos can not build charges towards another stun or steal any agility
* Does not stack with Brutalizer
* No longer propagates to illusions


Chronos creates a field of energy that exists outside of time. All units caught inside the field are frozen, incapable of any actions. Chronos is immune to the rift's effects and may move freely.
Level 1 : Range 500 lasts for 3 seconds
Level 2 : Range 550 lasts for 4 seconds
Level 3 : Range 600 lasts for 5 seconds

Mana Cost 150/175/200

Cooldown 120 seconds; Radius 400

This ability can be boosted by Staff of the Master.
Staff Effect: Increases duration from {3,4,5} seconds to {4,5,6} seconds.
* Allies can now move and cast while inside, but everything they do is reduced by 90% speed (MS, AS, CS)
* With Staff of the Master, the slow is reduced from 90% to 80%


Basically, Chronos is a carry hero. He's almost useless before in early game because he can't do anything without his ulti. But now, the buff on his first skill can help in ganks a bit. It's better to have minimal damage than none. :)

Main Strategy:

The main strategy is to farm early game. Kill steal in early game if applicable to get more money coz you will need it by mid and late game.

Game play:

Skill Build:

I usually max out the first skill first to get damage and the range of the leap. As for the 2nd and 3rd skill, it depends to your lane enemies. If you think you can kill early game. Like for example you have an electrician with you, of course you will try to level your 3rd skill before your 2nd skill. If there are a lot of nukers/casters, prioritise your 2nd skill first to play defensively. For sure you will get nuked whenever you try to get a creep. Always get your ulti in lvl 6,11 and 16.

Early game:

I usually start the game with a hatchet and a lot of consumables. Why get consumables over stat items? The answer is! Your main goal is just to farm anyway. But this doesn't necessarily mean that you won't help if your lane partner will get raped. Of course you will still try to save him like using your normal attack. But as much as possible, get all the creeps that you can get. Be greedy. Prioritise money shot over creep denies. Let your team mate do the denies.

I lane on one of the sides to buy my shield and battery later. If ever your lane gets ganked, just run away. If ever your team mates decided to gank your lane. Try to kill steal so you can have early boost of items.

Mid game:

By mid game, this is around 15-30 minutes. You should have at least steamboots, couple of soulscreamrings and lifesteal. You still farm like crazy. Avoid ganks. Remember to keep 1 townportal so that you can just timeleap and tp out whenever you're in danger. Whenever you have your ulti up, try to help your team mates especially when defending a tower.

Late game:

Late game will always be easy as long as you got around 3 items. Just rape everyone!  Leap in and kill!
Item builds:

This is the tricky part. A lot of people don't know what to do or what to prioritise after getting dominator/mask of madness.  First thing  to do is check your teammates and enemies. Are you the only carry hero? If so, you can get furry to get a farming tool. This is an assurance that you can get another item in around 10 mins or so. But if you will get furry, try to get damage and attack speed at the same time. e.g.mjolnir. :) Then just get more damage like crit/mkb.

Sorry if I'm still using dota terms coz my brain still sticks with dota..lols But anyway, if there are a lot of nukers, try to get S&Y first so will get a bit of damage. I still prefer getting mjol after S&Y then get crit to get maximum damage output. S&Y is cool in HoN because you can also slow the enemy. Really useful in ganks in late game.

If there are a lot of disables, always try to get bkb. BKB+mask of madness works for Chronos. BKB is also good against FA/moonqueen. BKB + shieldbreaker rips off casters...

Some special strategies.

Creep pulling:
I think everyone knows this. Just a bit of FYI, you can multispawn by pulling the creeps at the right time. (every 51-53rd sec) You can do this by your self by dominating a neutral creep and try to pull the strong creep camp/ancients or ask your support to do it. Maybe 5-10 stack of creeps/ancients can give you a lot of gold. Always ask your teammate to stick around for the xp and if ever the enemy will try to gank you while you're getting it.

Hero synergy:
Chrono's ulti can basically work with a lot of ulti's. FA's ulti...Plague's Ulti..You guys know this..

Bottom line:
The bottom line for Chronos is to farm early game. If you failed to farm and get your items, your team is sure lose unless you got other carries that could be imba. Always think. There's no perfect build for this hero that will be written here. Always try to counter the enemy as much as possible. I will be posting more HoN hero guides soon.

Here's the result of my hard work:
I hope you enjoyed reading this. Cheers!


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