Sunday, March 1, 2009

About the Author - Nathaniel Alzaga

Hi there guys. I'm Nathaniel Alzaga. I'm a Business Admin graduate of Southville Foreign University. People call me Nacho, Nat, Natz and Nathan. I’m known as baronmorte in the local gaming community 5 years ago. However, the name was sort of mediocre so I switched to other IGNs. My other aliases were natzikun, nachodinero and natziboy. As a DotA addict, I can personally say that DotA will still be number one in the next two years or so. You can see me playing online in Garena almost every weekend. I also do LAN sessions with some of the best players in our area. At the moment, my latest addiction is Heroes of Newerth - a DotA based game developed by S2 games.

I work for a small marketing firm as a quality analyst and somtimes work as a web developer for a couple of organizations. I love using Adobe products for web design like Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash to name a few. I’m also a fan of vector arts. My php, C, and .NET programming s*ck so I’m still improving my coding skills to be an excellent programmer someday. :)

Aside from playing DotA and other online games, I love playing sports (basketball,soccer,badminton), swimming and working out in the gym. Working out has been my obsession for the last two years but now I’m busy working so I lilo-ed a little bit. I also love watching anime and reading books.
(The picture here was a vectorized version of me)
I am more than a conqueror. My personality speaks it loud. I was born to do my mission - to live a well-lived life and make a difference in this world. I work on it everyday as I translate my vision into reality. I do my job and make things happen. I love adventures. I love taking risks. My audacity, tactlessness and fearlessness gets me into trouble most of the time. I stand my ground and learn everyday. I party until the sun goes up. I do every rep like my life depends on it at the gym. I sleep like a log. I smile and laugh like a mad man. I eat healthy food. I don't mind pain and illness, I just carry on. I travel to see His wonders. I have all the potentials and I use them to break my limits to be the best I can be. I am Nacho.

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