Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fear The Chipper - a new hero concept based from tinker tweaked by HoN

Okay! Finally, patch 0.3.2 was released and so as the new hero - the Chipper. I've posted the latest HoN changelog in championofnewerth if you want a more in-depth description of this hero.

I'm just happy that this hero was released earlier than expected. They released the concept in Facebook in April 5 but then after a couple of days, I can't imagine I'm playing HoN with this hero.

He's a great ganker and spammer. If you will check the cooldown of his first spell - Rocket Barrage, it's 1.5 seconds for god's sake! So ideally, if you got lots of mana, you can just spam and later on kill the enemy hero. His ulti (Sawblade Showdown) is also imba and can hypothetically work in synergy with other AoE heroes.

I'm actually thinking of writing a mini guide for this hero but I think I need more experience of using him. For now, maybe you can stick with mana regen items like null, stone blood,sheep stick stone etc. Of course since his main role is to gank, you need to buy a bottle and wards for rune control. I will write a more comprehensive guide for this hero once I've played 15-20 games using him. :)

I had one game against the Chiprel. His lane buddy is Armadon. It's really annoying coz the slow of Armadon's Goo and Chiprel's tar toss stacks. Armadon hits you while Chiprel showers you with missles. What a funky yet effective combo!


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