Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Hero Drunken Master - Hero Spotlight

The Drunken Master was released last July in HoN International. I'm still not sure when it will be released in HoN Garena. His skills were like from some heroes in LoL. I'm not saying that he's just a rip off but I'm saying that he's a great hero mix and you can see his resemblance in other games similar to HoN and dota.

I know for sure that I will love this hero and create a Hero Guide for it. On a side note, I just want to say that I'm a melee specialist in HoN. LOL

Below is a hero spot light for the hero. On a side note again, I'm really happy that S2 kinda adopted this kind of video tutorial. It will help a lot of noobs to understand the hero better and use it wisely even if it's their first time to use the hero.

The description of the video:
At early levels, your greatest challenge as the Drunken Master will be maintaining your mana pool. He has built-in HP regeneration with his "Drink" ability, so by getting a Blood Chalice, Bottle, and/or Power Supply, you'll be able to boost your Lunge and Stagger while keeping yourself regenerating at all times. As a strength hero that is quite dependent on mana in order to survive and deal damage, this is high-priority in the early levels. In terms of skill build, Lunge should almost always be your first pickup at level 1, unless you're in need of a short-range escape from an early gank. The disable and push in itself makes for effective early kills, and has its full crowd control potential with just one rank. Many players underestimate the strength of his "Drink" ability, and skip getting it altogether early on; this can be a huge mistake, as it forces the player to purchase health regeneration items immediately to compensate, reducing the amount of available mana he can use as a result. The combination of Drink and Stagger alone can grant him up to 80 bonus damage on his attacks, boosting the damage of Lunge simply by having more attack damage to scale the skill on. For this reason, the optimal skill combo for damage output and movement speed goes in this order: Drink - Stagger - Lunge. Effective core items on him include Helm of the Black Legion, Shaman's Headdress, Sol's Bulwark, and Shrunken Head. Luxury items include: Frostburn, Behemoth's Heart, and Daemonic Breastplate


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