Friday, August 19, 2011

Is it OK to lose? hell yeah!

I was on a losing streak this week. Looks like I'm kinda stuck in the 1650++ psr Level again. sigh

*Let me just share with you how my psr went down. My psr used to be 1800++ then my friends kinda borrowed my account because I stopped playing for a year. Then Garena made a major reset on the stats so everything went to 1500.

You can easily get to 1600 in just around 10 games. But the thing is you will be playing with a lot of noobs so you need to step up. If you lose, it's more than OK. At least you learned something. We learn from our own mistakes. You can ask the same question to great players like AngryTestie, Yoda, H4nn1, Chu etc. They also experienced big losses in the past.

So why am I promoting losing games? LOL Everyone wants to win!

Well here are some of my points:

We lose sometimes becase we experiment. I also tried experimenting on builds in some heroes. The best way to learn is to try something and try to mess it up. If you won, then you try it again. If you win by doing the same thing, you can say that it's a 'core' build. When I say core, you can do it in every game. Like in pebbles, it's tried and tested that you need a Portal Key. Something like that. Or for casters in general, I would go Bottle + Blood Chalice. I understand that this game demands adaptation all the time. There is no constant item/skill build that would work in every game.

We lose because we value our stats that much. Everyone is afraid to lose because they care about their psrs and kdrs. Some would just play one or two games. If they win, they will stop playing. Some people would just concede because they're feeding because they chose all carry heroes. Some players when playing support don't want to sacrifice themselves for the team, thus not fulfilling their roles in the game. There is no downside if you will lose today but win more tomorrow. It doesn't really matter. You will find that if you're less worried about your stats, you will enjoy more, have fun and end up learning more.

I can site a lot of examples but there's one funny experience that I really want to write about. Here it is:

There's one game where we have an all carry lineup - Scout, Aluna, War beast, Gladiator and Emerald Warden. I was playing Gladiator that time. Everyone was feeding because our enemy is kinda balanced their heroes were - Fayde, Pyromancer, Zephyr, Dampeer, Flint beastwood.

It has been 30 minutes and Aluna still doesn't have items. Scout has a runed axe while our WB only has shrunken and abyssal skull. We're still losing in clashes, everyone wants to concede. I tried explaining to them how big our chances are when we are playing defensive. Good thing they believed me. Started warding and playing defensively. The other team is very cocky so by the 50th minute of the game, we were able to win two clashes. Two genocides. Got kong and won the game. :)

We lose because we don't wanna be blamed by others. All of us don't wanna be called noobs or to be blamed because we didn't do what was expected from us. But sometimes, it's ok to be blamed (just think that it takes 5 to lose). At least you know what to do next time. Some players don't want to be blamed so they just take it to the exteremes. E.g. you're playing carry and you will just farm for 40 minutes before hunting. Or you're playing support. E.g. Tempest. You will blink in if you can only get 4 in your ulti. But by the time you got in, your team mates already fell. LOL I guess, the moment you see the opportunity to help your team mates, just go for it.

So! I guess after reading this post, just go out and play and have fun. You may lose tons of games but the more you lose, the more you learn. By the time you lost a lot you've gotten better!


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