Monday, August 15, 2011

Wards and Couriers... Do we really need them early game?

The answer is obvious. It's important noob!

Support players who don't play support really annoys me so I decided to repost this. A lot of people are still not doing this even in pubs. I mean a public game is supposed to be just to have fun. Well define fun in HoN. If you're losing, it's not much fun right? Even if you're killing everyone like hell, getting an immortal and all that but still lose feels bad.

So let me just say please read on to S2Nigma's reminder to the community about the importance of early warding + courier. This should be done in pubs to improve the level of game especially in SEA.

Here's the tip from S2Nigma:

Dear Heroes of Newerth community,
It has come to my attention that a lot of you think a courier does not need to be purchased at level one. Whether this lack of a courier may be due to a lack of support on your team or just general apathy does not really make a difference. I wish to make my opinion on the subject abundantly clear:
If you don't get a courier at level one, you will lose the game.
How does not having a courier guarantee you to lose the game? Well, technically it doesn't, but practically it does. The thing about not having a courier is that if you don't get a courier, the problems start as early as your mid failing hard.
"But Mr. Nigma, a good mid can win even without a courier!"
No he can't. Not if he's up against an enemy of the same skill level.
"But why? What's the big deal?"
If your mid does not have a courier, he does not have a bottle. If he does not have a bottle, he cannot bottle runes. If he cannot bottle runes, he cannot refill his bottle. If he cannot refill his bottle, his enemy will refill his bottle every time. If his enemy refills his bottle every time, his enemy has unlimited health and mana- and I think you can agree that having unlimited health and mana to be a significant advantage.
"If Middle wants a courier that badly, he should just buy it himself. Also, why doesn't he just get a bottle at level 1? Problem solved."
No. Please stop using this logic. Unlike the other lanes, a the solo player middle needs all +damage and stats he can muster at early levels else he cant compete with last hitting. It's completely unviable to go bottle at level 1. Nobody should ever have to do this.
If your team has no courier and no wards at level one, and your enemy does, you will lose middle lane against same skilled players that do. Guaranteed.
"But our team really doesn't have any Support and I really don't want to buy a courier"
Too bad. Bite the bullet. If you aren't soloing, and nobody bought a courier, you have to buy a courier. Yes, it's going to suck not having those +stats items or that buckler you should have, and yes, it's probably your team's fault, and yes, they probably screwed you over by picking those four melee heroes that you didn't need- but let's face it: buying that courier is going to significantly increase your chance of winning. So just do it.
PS: And if nobody bought wards: Buy one. You don't even need to buy two. One Ward provides your mid with the knowledge of 3 tablet spawns for the first 6 minutes of the game.


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