Saturday, September 10, 2011

DuskBin heads to Singapore for WCG Singapore

DuskBin.HoN will be going to Singapore to join WCG for HoN. The prizes are not as big as the prizes compared to the recent DotA2 tournament.


Champion: $2000 SGD +WCG Trophy + WCG Medal
1st Runner Up: $1000 SGD + WCG Medal
2nd Runner Up: $500 SGD + WCG Medal
3rd Runner Up: $300 SGD
5th to 8th Place: $100 SGD per team

Malaysia WCG Singapore 2011 Finals will be taking place at Orange Internet Cafe at Kuala Lumpur this Saturday, 20th August 2011, from 0900 hrs onwards.

Here's a live stream. If it's not working, you can go to this url:
Watch live video from GHoNTV on

You can also check the HoN Garena website for live updates and the stream as well.

The streams are brought to you by Team TrollCasting. You might want to check out their facebook page for some updates -

Enjoy guys!


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