Thursday, February 16, 2012

Draconis: New hero in HoN | HoN Hero Spotlight

After Berzerker, another gimmicky hero is being introduced to Newerth - Draconis. Everyone thought that Berzerker was so IMBA/OP. Well, to be honest, yes and no. The bottom line is you can shut him down at early game. He doesn't have AOE spells to farm fast at the early game.

Draconis on the other hand seems to have a potential in quick farming. Very promising. His spells are also deadly. I'm assuming this hero would have mana problems at early levels. His ulti is very item dependent so you need to farm fast in order to own.

I would like to try this hero myself. I might play it like nomad or something. A bit tanky with damage..

Here's the video and enjoy!

The fiery dragon, Draconis, has awoken. As searing flames lick the charred scales accenting his face, a roar is let loose - the World Tree must be defended! Even Pyromancer would be scared of all the fire brought forth. As a ranged agility hero, Draconis can lay waste to his enemies with attacks, and should focus on doing damage and increasing his attack speed.

Draconis would benefit the most from Steamboots, as the attack speed and defensive capabilities are the most fitting. Ghost Marchers can be nice for the damage, but Blazing Flight already grants a great movespeed boost along with unit walking, so they're redundant. Frostburn has proven to be a great item for the bonus damage, health, and snare needed to keep the barrage of Cataclysmic Assault going longer. Since most of Draconis' spells are low mana cost, a chalice provides all the mana needed, if you opt to go for a heavy Q build for ganking. Since Cataclysmic Assult propegates attack modifiers, items such as Savage Mace and Frostwolf Skull synergize nicely for huge damage and a giant slow. Charged Hammer will only proc on the main attack, however, with the increased attack speed boost and AoE damage, it's still a viable alternative to Savage Mace. Wingbow can be used as a tech item for the defensive stats it grants through evasion and armor, but Shrunken Head is the ultimate defensive item to allow full use of Cataclysmic Assault and maximum damage.


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